Our President


A strong no-nonsense veteran of the New York City Police Department, Lou Telano’s career in Law Enforcement spanned over 5 decades. Lou’s career began back in the early 60’s as a New York City Correction Officer at “The Halls of Justice” a historic facility commonly known as the “The Tombs.”

Lou became an undercover officer that his career began to take off. Detective Telano soon achieved the reputation as one of the most innovative and one of the toughest cops in New York City. Along with his partner John Sepe, they are credited with one of the highest number of arrests in New York City’s history.

So successful where there methods for taking punks off the street that the undercover team was soon deemed The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Their days often found them trying to preserve their anonymity by dressing up in disguises so as not to alert their suspects.

Lou and his partner often materialized as construction workers, Good Humor men, insurance salesmen, junkies, and as Hassidic rabbis; they even reverted to their prior occupations as sanitation workers to crack a major drug ring. Through it all, Lou and his partner escaped unscathed during several knife fights and many shootouts. Soon thereafter Hollywood took notice and the duo became the inspiration behind the hit TV Series Starsky & Hutch!

After leaving Law Enforcement Lou entered the Entertainment World and soon became a successful TV/Radio Host and personality. His show “Street Wise” was honored by Time Warner receiving their CAPPA Award for outstanding TV Talk Show and was presented with the “Memory Lane Radio Award” by Joe Franklin.

As host Lou tackles topics from entertainment to political elections and is credited with interviewing more political candidates (including Magistrates) than any other (Journalist) or talk/show host. His force in media has helped nourish and promote the careers of many aspiring entertainers, actors, musicians and politicians.

Lou is the President of New York Veterans Police Association. The NYVPA is the oldest Police organization in the US; they have been out front supporting and raising awareness of important law enforcement issues since 1891. Their membership is over 8,000 strong and consists of police (both active and retired) from a broad base of law enforcement including City, State, Local and Federal agencies.

From the Halls of Justice through the Halls of Congress Lou’s career has yielded him over 75 awards and citations and placed him next to Mayors, Governors, Senators, Presidents, and dignitaries from all over the world. Tough, seasoned and professional, that’s Lou Telano!



  • New York State Police Conference
  • National Police Defense Foundation
  • Nassau County Shields
  • New York City Detectives Endowment Association
  • Named New York Area Vice President of The American Law Enforcement Officers Association
  • Retired Police Officers Association
  • Former President of The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5
  • LISPCC– Chairman & Co-Founder: LI Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • Honor Legion – NYC Police Department
  • National Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Crime Victims Political Committee
  • Former Chief New York City Sheriff’s Office
  • Former Chief of Seagate Police
  • Ring-8/Boxing Association
  • Current President of The New York Veteran Police Association


  • Co-author of best-selling book entitled “Cop Team”
  • Included in the United States Congressional Record
  • Included in “Who’s Who in American Law Enforcement”
  • J. Edgar Hoover Gold Medal for Distinguished Service
  • Offered the 1998 GOP Congressional Line by Brooklyn Party Leader Arthur Bramwell
  • WBBG Physical Fitness Hall of Fame
  • New York State Police Olympics (Seven Medals) – Weightlifting
  • Guest and Host of Radio and TV Talk Show – Street Wise
  • Time Warner Award Winner QPTV – Street Wise


  • Lower Property Taxes
  • Higher Ethics from Career Politicians & Public Servants
  • Lower Crime Rates
  • Higher Accountability and Enforcement of Laws
  • Lower Unemployment
  • Higher Private Job-Creating Development
  • Lower Focus on Needs of Demanding Entitlement Voters
  • Higher Focus on Needs of Law Abiding Tax Paying Residents & Business People
  • ZERO Tolerance for Gangs, Drug Dealers, Property Vandals & Violent Repeat Offenders
  • Higher Focus on Community Service and Neighborhood Beautification Projects
  • Lower Tolerance for Those Who Disrupt The Quality of Life for Others
  • Higher Tolerance and Encouragement for Those Who Give Back & Care for Others